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Say goodbye to hormones, they have no place here, We choose only natural, nothing to fear. Our chickens are free from artificial growth, Delivering taste that's unparalleled and worth.

At Limón Mexican Grill, we prioritize your health, With chicken that's nourishing, boasting true wealth. So come and indulge, with every dish you devour, Experience the difference, taste the natural power.

From sizzling fajitas to mouthwatering tacos, Our antibiotic-free chicken elevates the macros. Enjoy the authentic flavors, prepared with care, Knowing our commitment to quality is always there.

Limon Mexican Grill, where taste meets integrity, With antibiotic-free chicken, our top priority. Satisfy your cravings, with flavors that amaze, Because at Limón, we're redefining the Mexican food craze.